by Nextend Staff on November 2, 2020

New Affiliate Program

We’re using FastSpring’s payment provider services to handle the purchases of our products. They are worked hard on a new checkout system, which is much better than their current one. We’d like to use it for Smart Slider to take advantage of the awesome new features.

The current affiliate system is handled by FastSpring, but it is not compatible with the new checkout system. The new system has a brand new affiliate program hosted by Impact Radius. Impact Radius is the global leader in cross channel marketing attribution. They service has many useful features for affiliate management, which you’ve requested before. For example, their system can show detailed reports.

Unfortunately, the new Impact Radius affiliate system isn’t compatible with the old one. So the affiliate details can’t be moved or migrated into the new system. This means if you would like to continue being our affiliate, you’ll need to register into the affiliate program again. We made a detailed guide which you can follow on the affiliate page.

View the Affiliate Program

The new and the old system can’t work together. This means your previous affiliate links (which end with ?source=YOURSOURCE) won’t work anymore. You need to create new links in the new system.


I have an account in the old system. What should I do?

If you want to use affiliate links register to our new program and create new links there.

Can I still use the old links?

No. You need to create a new account in the Impact Radius page, and get your unique links there.

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