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Symu Slider

Description: "Our slider has been designed in a simple, clean and minimal style. This is the perfect solution for person who needs to make a modern digital agency website." - Patryk Wąsik

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version: 3.3.0


At Nextend, we love to give the opportunity to talented designers to show their skills. Under our new project, Behind the Pixel, we’ll make a brand-new demo slider or block available to download which was made by these talented people.

Patryk and his team created which is a prototyping tool for webdesigners. It helps designers present their project to clients. PSD files can act like a real live website, it helps to get more accurate and faster feedback. You can read the full interview with Patryk to learn more about him, his team and here.

Symu slider

The slider itself is a full width slider, its max height is set at 600px, and a custom slider size is set for mobile devices. To make the navigation easier, Patryk and his team decided to go with Text bullets where the thumbnails are shown on mouseover. The control elements (arrows and bullets) are really intuitive to use, as their look matches perfectly. The background image is set for the slider, not for the individual slides giving an astonishing look.

The entire slider has a clean, modern look and feel. Use it on your company’s website or your own, the user attention is guaranteed.

First slide

The first thing a user notices when they come to this slide is the split text animation on the three heading layers and the layer animation on the button (which takes the user to the next slide).

This slide shines best above 1300px resolution due to the three triangles and the parallax effect on them, which gives the slider a really unique perception.

Second slide

This slide showcases beautiful layer animations. It has texts and a button similar to the one in the first slide, and it has two large transition layers. When clicked, these layers show a lightbox image.

Third slide

This slide features three image layers and captions (created by using heading layers). Each layer has a layer animation on it. The special-looking blue shadow that appears when the image is hovered was applied using the box shadow at the Style manager for the image layer.

Version Overview


  • Split text animation
  • Layer animation
  • Transition layer
  • Slider background image


  • Text & heading layer
  • Style manager

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